January 4, 2021

For Immediate Release

A 2-Song, Original Soundtrack inspired by the Scout Comics Series, BY THE HORNS. Out March 5 on Vinyl and Digital. Pre-Orders Available Now.

Skull Fracture Records is excited to announce it’s first release – the BY THE HORNS (Original Soundtrack) by progressive, atmospheric doom-metal band, Arctic Sleep. The new EP features two tracks inspired by the Scout Comics series of the same name.

The science fiction/fantasy comic book, which debuts from Scout on February 24, is about a warrior named Elodie who vows to kill every last unicorn on the continent of Solothus for trampling her husband. But to make unicorns extinct she’ll need to battle four wind sorcerers who are extracting magic from all the mystical creatures they can find.

This unique, musical collaboration between Arctic Sleep’s mastermind Keith D and BY THE HORNS writer Markisan Naso started when they struck up a friendship through the Metalheads Podcast. Keith has been a frequent guest on the show and Markisan is one of the hosts.

“I was totally enthralled by Markisan’s previous work, VORACIOUS, so the opportunity to write some songs to go along with his new project, BY THE HORNS, is an honor,” said Keith D of Arctic Sleep. The depth of the main character’s backstory and the gorgeous artwork were perfect inspiration for some killer tracks.”

“When I had the idea to create music for my new comic book, Keith D was the first musician who came to mind,” said BY THE HORNS writer Markisan Naso. “I’m a huge fan of Arctic Sleep, and I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Keith’s immense talent. The two songs he wrote and recorded for BY THE HORNS perfectly capture the soul and spirit of series.”

The first track, “Blade Through Your Heart,” is available to stream and purchase digitally right now through the Skull Fracture Records Bandcamp page and the Arctic Sleep Bandcamp page.

Pre-orders are also up for the BY THE HORNS (Original Soundtrack) on 7-inch vinyl. The record is available in three different colors and includes a copy of BY THE HORNS #1 comic, featuring an exclusive cover. A digital download of the EP is included with all physical purchases.

Transparent Blue Vinyl – 100 Copies

Skull Fracture Records Exclusive Transparent Blue 7” with BY THE HORNS #1 signed by writer Markisan Naso. Available at the Skull Fracture Records Bandcamp page.

Transparent Orange Vinyl – 100 Copies

Scout Comics and Arctic Sleep Exclusive Transparent Orange 7” with BY THE HORNS #1. Available at the Scout Comics Website and the Arctic Sleep Bandcamp page.

Transparent Boris Purple Vinyl – 100 Copies

Arctic Sleep Exclusive Transparent Boris Purple 7” with BY THE HORNS #1. Available at the Arctic Sleep Bandcamp page.

Ultra-Rare Black Vinyl Test Press with Hand-Drawn Cover – 3 copies

Skull Fracture Records Ultra-Rare Black 7” Test Press with a Hand-Drawn Unicorn skeleton cover by BY THE HORNS writer Markisan Naso. Only 3 available. Each one unique. Includes BY THE HORNS #1. Both the record and comic book are signed by writer Markisan Naso. Available at the Skull Fracture Records Bandcamp page.

Full Vinyl cover for the BY THE HORNS EP.

BY THE HORNS (Original Soundtrack) Tracklist:

SIDE A: Blade Through Your Heart

SIDE B: Maybe Magic Won’t Die a Horrible Death Today

Cover art by BY THE HORNS series artist, Jason Muhr with color art by Rico Renzi. Vinyl cover design by Matt Stewart.

About Arctic Sleep

Arctic Sleep is one of the many projects brought to you by Milwaukee-based, multi-instrumentalist and producer Keith D. Incorporating elements of doom and progressive metal, Arctic Sleep’s songs are driven by a unique combination of massively atmospheric heaviness, slow tempos, and bittersweet melodies that tug at the heartstrings.

Follow Arctic Sleep on:

Facebook: @arcticsleep

Twitter: @arcticsleep

Instagram: @arcticsleepofficial

About Markisan Naso

Markisan is an accomplished author, editor and podcaster based in Honolulu. He’s the writer of the comic book series, BY THE HORNS and VORACIOUS, and has written hundreds of features in print and on the web, covering subjects as diverse as EF5 tornadoes, death metal and Superman. Markisan has also edited dozens of books, including The Anatomy of Zur-en-Arrh: Understanding Grant Morrison’s Batman for the Sequart Organization. For more about Markisan, visit his website at

About Skull Fracture Records
Skull Fracture Records is an independent label dedicated to releasing music inspired by stories and myth. It was established by Markisan Naso in 2020 during a pandemic.

For the latest in Skull Fracture Records releases and news, visit

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Markisan Naso
Skull Fracture Records

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