February 5, 2021

For Immediate Release

A Cassette and Digital Release Inspired by the Sci-Fi Short Story, “To Mega Therion.” Pre-Orders Available Now.

Skull Fracture Records is proud to announce our second release, “Black Curse,” by the blackened, progressive metal band, Ashen Horde. The title track of the new, two-song EP is a brand-new instrumental inspired by writer Markisan Naso’s short story, To Mega Therion, a sci-fi tale about an anthropomorphic, dinosaur barbarian-king. “Black Curse” serves as the theme song for the character, Phantar, and his story, which will be published in Outland Entertainment’s APEX: World of Dinosaurs Anthology this March.

“It was an honor to write a song around Markisan’s story,” said Trevor Portz, multi-instrumentalist and founder of Ashen Horde. “Markisan does such a great job of juxtaposing the two sides of an aging warrior: the brutal, violent fighter and the battle-weary leader who is struggling to carry on. Musically, I tried to mirror this contrast; there are death and black metal elements alongside melodic doom passages, following Phantar’s journey. I only hope I did justice to the character and story.”

“I’ve been a metalhead for as long as I can remember, so combining my stories with the extreme music I love is really a dream come true for me,” said writer Markisan Naso. Collaborating with someone as immensely talented as Trevor on this project has been incredibly rewarding and fun. I can’t even think of my story without hearing Ashen Horde’s amazing instrumental in my head now. It really is a Black Curse, in the best way possible.”

The 2-song EP will release on April 2nd. The title track, “Black Curse,” is available to stream digitally right now on both the Skull Fracture Records Bandcamp page and the Ashen Horde Bandcamp page.

SFR Exclusive Blood Red Cassette and Signed Book

Limited, SFR edition red cassette. 50 total copies. Includes a copy of the book, APEX: World of Dinosaurs Anthology signed by “To Mega Therion” writer Markisan Naso. Digital download included. Available at the Skull Fracture Records Bandcamp page.

Ashen Horde Exclusive Midnight Black Cassette

Limited, band edition cassette. 100 total copies. Digital download included. Available at the Ashen Horde Bandcamp page.

BLACK CURSE by Ashen Horde Tracklist:

SIDE A: Black Curse (Instrumental)

SIDE B: Wisdom of the Witless

The “Black Curse” cassette features stunningly dark artwork by horror artist, Jonathan La Mantia and a 4-panel, front and back insert design by Matt Stewart. A digital download of both tracks is included with all physical purchases.

Trevor Portz of Ashen Horde and author Markisan Naso are available for interviews! Email

About Ashen Horde

Ashen Horde is a Los Angeles-based, progressive black-metal band that celebrates the darker side of extreme music in all its grim glory. Inspired by bands like Enslaved, Borknagar, Ihsahn and Strapping Young Lad, Ashen Horde creates technical, crushing soundscapes that give way to darkly melodic passages of repose.

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Facebook: @AshenHorde

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About Markisan Naso

Markisan is an accomplished author, editor and podcaster based in Honolulu. He’s the writer of the comic book series, BY THE HORNS and VORACIOUS, and has written hundreds of features in print and on the web, covering subjects as diverse as EF5 tornadoes, death metal and Superman. Markisan has also edited dozens of books, including The Anatomy of Zur-en-Arrh: Understanding Grant Morrison’s Batman for the Sequart Organization. For more about Markisan, visit his website at

About Skull Fracture Records
Skull Fracture Records is an independent label dedicated to releasing music inspired by stories and myth. It was established by Markisan Naso in 2020 during a pandemic.

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Markisan Naso
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